PVC Aadhaar Card | fast Order Aadhaar card 50 Rs

PVC Aadhaar Card | Order Aadhaar card only Rs 50

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In todays age the Aadhaar Card holds importance in India. It serves as an identification document that helps streamline government services and welfare programs. To make it more convenient and secure the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced the PVC Aadhaar Card. This innovative solution revolutionizes identification by providing a tamper easy to carry card. Lets explore further to understand the advantages and features of the  Aadhaar Card.

Understanding PVC Aadhaar Card

What is a PVC Aadhaar Card?

The PVC Aadhaar Card is a high quality plastic card that replaces the paper based Aadhaar Card. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) a material that ensures the cards longevity.

Features of PVC Aadhaar Card

1. Durability and Longevity The PVC Aadhaar Card is designed to withstand wear and tear ensuring its lasting nature. It is resistant, to water tearing and everyday use making it a reliable form of identification. 2. Tamper Proof and Secure Embedded with security features the PVC Aadhaar Card offers enhanced protection, against tampering and identity theft. This guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the card while safeguarding information. 3.Easy to carry and store The PVC Aadhaar Card is designed to be easy to carry and store. Its compact size and lightweight nature allow it to fit conveniently in wallets or cardholders eliminating the need, for paper documents. This not provides convenience. Also ensures ease of storage.

How is PVC Aadhaar Card different from the regular one?

Compared to the paper based Aadhaar Card, the PVC version offers benefits in terms of durability and security. The PVC material used in its construction enhances its resilience making it resistant to water damage and tearing. This makes it an excellent choice, for individuals who value a durable identification document that will last over time.

Ordering a PVC Aadhaar Card online is an convenient process.

Here is a step by step guide to help you place your order

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1. Start by visiting the website of UIDAI at www.uidai.gov.in.

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 2. Once you are, on the website navigate to the menu. Select the option to obtain an get Aadhaar Card.

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3. You will be redirected to the page where you can order a PVC Aadhaar Card. Click on “Order Aadhaar PVC Card.”

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4. Provide your Aadhaar card details accurately including your 12 digit Aadhaar number, full name and registered mobile number.

5. Proceed to the payment section. Choose your mode of payment. By following these steps you will be able to order your PVC Aadhaar Card online. UIDAI provides users with online payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking and UPI.

6. Take a moment to carefully review all the details you’ve entered before finalizing your order to ensure accuracy. Once you’re satisfied, with everything go ahead. Submit your order. You’ll then receive an acknowledgment or confirmation number that you can refer to in the future.

Charges and Availability

Pricing, for PVC Aadhaar Card

1. Standard Charges

You can obtain the PVC Aadhaar Card at a cost of Rs 50. This affordable price ensures that people from all walks of life can easily get their hands on this secure identification document.

2. Additional charges for customization

If you want to personalize your card by adding your photo or specific information there are options at an extra cost. The charges may vary depending on the level of customization you desire.

Modes of Payment

1. Online payment options

When ordering the PVC Aadhaar Card online UIDAI provides payment methods. You have the flexibility to choose from online payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking and UPI.

2. Cash on delivery (COD) availability

For those who prefer cash payments UIDAI also offers a Cash on Delivery (COD) option. With this mode of payment you can pay in cash to the delivery executive when receiving your PVC Aadhaar Card.

Serviceability across India

1. Availability in areas

The ordering facility for the PVC Aadhaar Card is available, throughout India, including areas. UIDAI has established a network to ensure that individuals residing in locations can easily access and order their PVC Aadhaar Cards.

2. Time and process of delivery

The time it takes to deliver the PVC Aadhaar Card may differ depending on the location. However UIDAI always aims to ensure delivery, across all areas prioritizing efficiency and dependability.

Validity and Acceptance

Validity of the PVC Aadhaar Card

The validity of the PVC Aadhaar Card is equivalent, to that of the paper based Aadhaar Card. It is a recognized identification document that remains valid for an individuals lifetime.

Acceptance by government agencies

government agencies, such as banks, educational institutions and government offices widely accept the PVC Aadhaar Card. It serves as a proof of identity and address enabling transactions and access to government services.

Usage as a proof of identity and address

The PVC Aadhaar Card can be utilized as a document for verifying both identity and address. Its acceptance by bodies well as private entities establishes its credibility and eliminates the need to carry multiple documents.

Security features of the PVC Aadhaar Card

The PVC Aadhaar Card incorporates security measures to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

Waterproofing and tear resistance

The cards construction with PVC material provides water resistance safeguarding it against damage caused by spills or moisture. Moreover its tear resistant nature ensures that the card remains intact in conditions.

QR code and holographic elements

To enhance security further the PVC Aadhaar Card includes a QR code along, with characteristics. These features add a layer of protection making it challenging to create counterfeit copies and ensuring the security of a persons identity. In the PVC Aadhaar Card there is a microchip embedded that stores demographic information. This chip adheres to security standards strengthening the cards defense, against access and breaches of data.

Biometric verification

The PVC Aadhaar Card is compatible, with verification devices allowing individuals to confirm their identity through fingerprint or iris scans. This additional security measure helps reduce the risk of identity theft.

Advantages of PVC Aadhaar Card

The PVC Aadhaar Card provides benefits making it an important document for everyone. Simplified verification process for government schemes and transactions With the PVC Aadhaar Card individuals can go through a simplified verification process when dealing with government schemes and transactions. Its authentication and security features streamline the process saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Convenient identification during travel and accommodation

The Aadhaar Card acts as a form of identification particularly when traveling or staying at hotels. Its compact size and durability make it an ideal companion for people on the go.

Faster access to services and benefits

Presenting the Aadhaar Card enables individuals to access a range of services and benefits quickly. From receiving subsidies to applying for government programs the Aadhaar Card expedites the process promoting ease and convenience.

Reduced risk of damage or loss

Unlike paper based identification documents the PVC Aadhaar Card is more resistant, to damage, wear and loss.The durability of the PVC Aadhaar Card ensures that your important personal and demographic information is kept safe and easily accessible.

Customization Options

You also have the option to customize the Aadhaar Card making it more personalized and unique, to you. People have the option to personalize their Aadhaar Card by adding their photo, text or specific details. This customization feature allows individuals to give a touch to their identification document making it easily recognizable. Furthermore UIDAI offers design options, for the Aadhaar Card allowing people to choose a design that fits their preferences and makes it a stylish ID card.

If you need to update the information on your Aadhaar Card you can follow some steps;

If theres a change, in your address or personal details you can visit the website. They have a to use interface that ensures updates. To update your mobile number and email ID associated with the Aadhaar Card you have two options; either visit the UIDAI website or go to an Aadhaar enrollment center. After going through the verification process your updated information will be reflected on your Aadhaar Card.If there are any modifications or adjustments needed in the data stored on the Aadhaar Card individuals have the option to visit an Aadhaar enrollment center and update their information. This ensures that the card maintains its accuracy and validity over time.

Linking Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number and Bank Accounts

Linking your number and bank accounts with the Aadhaar Card is essential to access government services and benefits. It ensures an authentication process and efficient service delivery.

Here’s a step, by step guide to link your Aadhaar Card;

1. Go to the website of your mobile service provider or bank. 2. Look for the section that allows you to link your Aadhaar Card with your number or bank account. 3. Enter all the details, including your Aadhaar Card number, mobile number or bank account number. 4. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete the linking process.

Benefits of linking your Aadhaar Card include;

access to government services and welfare schemes. Secure and hassle free transactions. Simplified eKYC ( Know Your Customer) verification process. Centralized identification system that reduces reliance on multiple documents.

Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to apply for a PVC Aadhaar Card if I already have an one? Certainly! If you already possess an Aadhaar Card you have the option to apply for the PVC Aadhaar Card. It offers durability and security compared to the paper based card.

2. What sets e Aadhaar apart, from the PVC Aadhaar Card? e-Aadhaar is a version of the Aadhaar Card that can be downloaded online while the PVC Aadhaar Card is a card made of PVC material. The PVC Aadhaar Card provides resilience, customization options and advanced security features compared to e Aadhaar.

3. How long does it typically take to receive the PVC Aadhaar Card after placing an order? The delivery time for the PVC Aadhaar Card may vary based on your location and prevailing circumstances. However UIDAI strives to ensure delivery and individuals can track their order status online.

4. What should I do if there are any errors on my PVC Aadhaar Card? If you happen to come across any errors or discrepancies, on your PVC Aadhaar Card you can update your details by visiting either the website or an authorized Aadhar enrollment center. The necessary corrections or changes can be made following the procedure. Yes you can use the PVC Aadhaar Card as your identification document. It is considered a proof of identity and address like the traditional paper based Aadhaar Card. Both government and private organizations accept it without any issues.


the  Aadhaar Card plays a role, in enhancing identification and security measures in India.Experience the convenience and reliability of this contemporary identification document that’s not durable but also tamper proof. The  Aadhaar Card holds value for individuals thanks, to its acceptance, by government agencies personalized customization options and a hassle free update process. Secure your PVC Aadhaar Card online today for Rs 50. Enjoy the benefits it brings to your identification requirements.

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